A Growing Church for a Coming Savior!

Pastor’s Desk – March 2018

The opportunity to experience God’s blessing in our lives is directly tied to our willingness to be obedient to His call on us for action. Our salvation experience is a direct result of our obedience to His call to repent of our sins and accept the blood of Jesus Christ as the payment of the debt we owe to the Father for those sins.

Our opportunity to experience the REAL activity of God is based on His desire to be involved with us personally, to communicate with us regularly, to develop that love relationship with us so completely that when He invites us to become involved with Him, the life adjustments that must be made are done so through an active and prayerful faith that helps us to obey His call on our lives in that moment of crisis.

It is in the crisis moment when we say “YES” to the Master, and actively begin to adjust our lives as He leads us that we begin to truly experience God. Then as we obey His leadership in our lives, we will begin to clearly see Him do the God-sized activity through us and we will know that it is His work, because it will be things that we could not have ever possibly accomplished on our own!

Beginning with Palm Sunday and our “Revival of Hope” with Mark Spearman, we are inviting YOU to be part of what we believe is going to be an exciting few months here at Hopewell Baptist Church. We are encouraging everyone to make adjustments to their schedule so that no one misses out on what will be happening here at Hopewell.

Beyond our week with Mark Spearman, March 25 – 28, we will have a very special Easter Resurrection Worship Celebration on Easter Sunday, April 1st @ 10:30 am. The music will center around a musical entitled “In the Presence of Jehovah”, we will observe the Lord’s Supper, and the message will center on the theme, “He’s Alive, No Foolin’!”.

The month of May gets very exciting as we celebrate women during the weekend of Mother’s day with a Celebration of Women banquet on Saturday, May 12th with special guest, former Miss SC Dawn Smith Jordan. Dawn will be back with us Sunday morning to share in song during our Mother’s Day service at 11:00 am.

The following week, May 20th, we will celebrate 160 years of ministry beginning that day @ 10:30 am, and our guest speaker on that day will be Dr. Gary Hollingsworth, the Executive-Treasurer of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. Dr. Hollingsworth will offer a challenge to us to continue to carry the Gospel to our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the entire world!

In all of this activity and more it is not the event, but our desire to reach our community with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and through His power that is our ultimate focus and purpose.  In John 5 Jesus taught, “My Father has been working until now,” and He also taught His disciples, “…without Me you can do nothing.” We believe God has been actively at work at Hopewell Baptist Church even “…until now.” The fruit of His labor will be seen by us as we join Him in that work! Come and be with us! I want to be part of the experience with you! I do not believe you will ever regret the decision to accept God’s personal invitation to be a part of what He is about to do!

Blessings and Peace!

Pastor Tony Q

“…without Me you can do nothing” – John 15:5

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